Estonia Chronicles – Prayer Letter 4

Praying togetherWe write this on board the bus as we travel to Tallin on Saturday morning. The final two days of camp saw several new students; overall attendance was lower than in recent years, allowing us to build deeper relationships and better meet individual needs. God is concerned with quality and not numbers. The camp closed on Friday afternoon with a time of intense prayer, as every individual was prayed over by a team member.

The team and a number of our Estonian friends enjoyed a delicious barbecue at the home of Pastor Andrus and Kristiina Mõttus; the food was wonderful and we managed to emerge victorious in the mosquito war, with only a slight loss of blood.

Tomorrow (Sunday), we’ll attend several area churches, where Pastor Bob and Pastor Kathy will preach. Later in the day, we’ll meet with Pastor Ove Sander, where we’ll receive an update on the seminary and minister to Ove and his wife, Liina, a cancer survivor. Most of us will begin our trip home early on Monday morning.

  • Praise God for the spiritual growth that is occurring in students and team members.
  • Praise God also for the students who are beginning to minister to one another.
  • Praise God for the growing relationships between Estonian pastors and team members.
  • Pray for the students that received their first Bibles, that they, and all the students, spend time in God’s Word.
  • Pray against the influence of the evil one in the church in Estonia and everywhere, confusing communication between church workers and division among members.
  • Pray that as the world economy improves, financial support for the Church quadruples.
  • Pray for opportunities and willing hearts for the team to share the gospel and prayer with others as they travel over the next few days.

Thank you for your faithful prayers throughout our journey. Please begin to pray for next year’s team, that they will hear and respond to God’s call. Pray also for spiritual preparation for those who will attend the camps.

The 2016 Tartu, Estonia Mission Team